Customizable Exit Paths

Your Line To Safety

Imagine you are in an building and the lights go out in an emergency situation. Panic sets in and you need to get to the stairs. The room begins to fill with smoke. You look up and see your line to safety. 

Whether it is retro-fit or new construction, egress solutions are usually an after-thought.  In-fixture and bug-eyes are expensive and were the only other option, until now… EZEXIT SOLUTIONS TGRID LED


Industry-Changing Features

First Of It's Kind In Emergency

EZEXIT has designed a revolutionary, patent-pending, occupant and first responder focused exit lighting that delivers a true egress path. Using linear lighting as a platform, EZEXIT’s fixture is for new or retro-fit applications, field installed in t-grid, suspension ceiling* or on the floor-way* illuminating your line to safety by following the light to your closest exit location. *Products in design
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Easy Installation

It’s EZ! Using a constant power driver, each 2’ or 4’ fixture is installed with ease into an existing t-grid ceiling.


Sleek, Unique Emergency Egress- Each space is unique and our simple and seamless system will allow for you to define your safest path of exit in any emergency situation.

No More Bug Eyes

Traditional bug-eye exit lighting does not provide a clear path to exit. EZEXIT TGRID provides optimal visual conditions for people to safely exit.

Barely There

No more obtrusive dimly lit exit lighting! Our architectural pleasing design allows your spaces to have a modern look and a bright exit path.


Whether it is labor installation cost, or an in-fixture emergency, EZEXITS saves you money while providing a superior and revolutionary exit system. Brighter lights and fewer fixtures needed!

First Responders

We deliver constant and bright illumination for occupants to exit and first responders to get in and safely navigate a building; your line to safety.


Industry-Wide Applications

The EZEXIT product can be installed across multiple applications; from offices to schools. We are versatile and have customizable paths of egress.

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